October 2, 2019

Conversazioni tra le nuvole

by Studio Valaguzza in Conversations among clouds, Events

Conversazioni tra le nuvole
Dott.ssa Gloria ZAVATTA

ECircular economy, why is it so important?

On the third night of “Conversazioni tra le nuvole” we welcomed Gloria Zavatta, C.O. of AMAT S.r.l. (the Mobility, Environment and Land Agency of the Municipality of Milan).
Gloria told us about the circular economy and why it is becoming more and more relevant since it involves different fields such as the areas of the industrial policy, the regulation and procurement.
Practical actions at any level – legislative, political, academic, collective and individual – are required for enhancing the circular economy.
Gloria impressed the audience with concrete examples which she experienced throughout her career, especially during her tenure as the Sustainability Manager for Expo 2015.
There is a long way to go but passionate people, opportunities and successful examples are not lacking … and anyway Italy is not that bad!