November 20, 2019

Conversazioni tra le nuvole

by Studio Valaguzza in Conversations among clouds, Events

Conversazioni tra le nuvole
Dott.ssa Emilia RIO

The Story of a Woman:
where is the Manager?

On 14th November 2019, on the fourth night of the talks “Conversazioni tra le nuvole”, Emilia Rio, HR Director of A2A Group, came to visit us.
Emilia told us, with her typical intelligence and joyfulness, how to become a modern manager. Through the story of her experience, conducted both in private and in public primary entities, Emilia has encouraged the audience to pursue their goals with all their strength, without being influenced or limited by any kind of obstacles (sexual, political, etc.).
Emilia’s story clearly shows that the manager class of the future must be based on professional competence and tenacity.