June 26, 2019

Conversazioni fra le nuvole

by Studio Valaguzza in Conversations among clouds, Events

Conversazioni tra le nuvole
Prof. Luca SOLARI

The person and the organization: is there a magic equilibrium?

On 26th June 2019, on the second night of the talks “Conversazioni tra le nuvole” Luca Solari, Full Professor of Business organization at the University of Milan, came to visit us. We spoke about the meaning of social organizations and the relations between the people and the team. We wanted to understand where the balance between the team and the individual lies.
Luca, who turned out to be a conversation ‘Maestro’, showed us that culture nourish knowledge and that the cooperation can enrich both the people and the organizations.
The main focus of the talk was on the innovations in the organizational procedures wich ease the interactions and make them efficient. The audience got really interested in the topic and they could not to resist to ask questions.