A multidisciplinary approach


Our Law Firm provides a decade-long experience, developed at national and international levels, by guaranteeing excellence and innovation through practical, creative and sustainable legal solutions, which help clients – in a crucial manner – to achieve their goals.
Our multidisciplinary approach ensures rapid and effective solutions in an integrated perspective that realizes the clients’ needs and the ones of the factual and legal context in which they are operating: for these reasons the Firm has always demonstrated a specific attention not only to the update and evolution of the normative and macro-economic systems, but also to the initiative and to the development of public and private territorial realities, with which the Firm has created over time a widespread professional network.
We believe that the thorough exam and the knowledge of the different market segments and of the commercial and legal dynamics are fundamental to offer a real improved value to the achievements of goals of our Clients.
For us, law is a tool that is not an end in itself. The relationship with the client is essential. We respect the interdisciplinarity of other professionals. Fairness and reciprocal trust allow us to consolidate relationships that last over the years.

This is out chart of values:

  • Integrity
  • Coherence
  • Persistence
  • Sharing
  • Loyalty
  • Precision
  • Quality
  • Creativity
  • Freedom
  • Timeliness


The Firm provides legal assistance with respect to environmental matters and in the energy sector, providing assistance both in favour of public subjects so that they can follow the respective institutional missions, both in favour of companies – both of small-medium size and of an international level – which operate in the above-mentioned sectors.
The Firm has recently contributed to solve important procedural obstacles in the end of waste matter.

The Firm has a long-standing experience in the provision of legal consultancy both with respect to the execution of any type of public procurement procedure, and both with respect to the executive phase of any type of public contract or agreement, including legal assistance for transactions and amicable agreements.
The Firm advised the Municipality of Milan with metropolitan infrastructure (Milan’s Metro 4 and Metro 5) and tramways, in addition to public buildings and service concession on all the Italian territory.

The Firm has a solid experience in assisting the development of strategic paths of public and private subjects. The knowledge of the authorisation procedures and, more generally, of the administrative action allow the Firm to effectively obtain the results aimed by Clients.
We are engaged in various ambits of strategic consultancy, including education, healthcare, infrastructure, and energy fields.

The professionals of the Firm often collaborate with criminal lawyers, by supporting the identification of profiles that deal with administrative and civil law.
We draft technical consultancy and acts for criminal trials. We contributed to the clarification of critical positions of subjects in charge of public functions in notorious judicial cases.

The Firm drafts and negotiates contracts of various complexity, both in Italian and in English. The attention to the contractual discipline and the implication of what is negotiated, in addition to the knowledge of legal systems, allow us to offer a service that is well-known for its precision and effectiveness in different sectors.
The interest in experimenting new contractual innovative tools has led the Firm to propose, for the first time in Italy, a new framework agreement that disciplines the collaboration among all the subjects involved in the same initiative but with different roles.
Collaborative agreements create an alliance based on the sharing of data and collaboration with the aim to create added value.
The collaborative agreements are one of our Firm’s flagship: we are proud to have devised and already used them in real estate and infrastructure sectors.

The Firms provides legal strategic assistance in the planning and management of Big Events, by supporting public and private entities in the arrangement of all the procedures aimed at the acquisition of the areas interested in the event, the obtainment of finance or benefits of economic nature and the identification of the involved economic operators.
The Firm is legal advisor of public subjects and government commissioners dealing with Big Events. Furthermore, the Firm contributed, since the creation phase and still now in the liquidation phase, to the resolution of the legal issues of the Big Event Expo 2015.

The Firm provides legal assistance to any type of commercial real estate, industrial or residential development/planning operation and town-planning, both in support of competent public Entities, both in favour of enterprises. The Firm is also specialised in providing legal assistance to operators interested in participating in disposal or dismissing procedures of public goods.
By collaborating with particularly qualified subjects, the Firm provides assistance also in innovative operations. Recently it has assisted one of the bidders in the alienation procedure of the so-called “Pirellino” in the city of Milan.
Among the Firm’s Clients, we have the pleasure of working with one of the most important design firms in Europe.

The Firm provides legal assistance to companies, associations and foundations, also of international size, by taking care of all their contractual activities through a multidisciplinary approach, both in the negotiation and in the execution phase. The Firm assists its Clients also in the planning and implementation of corporate operation, both ordinary and of extra-ordinary nature, by directly taking care of all the legal aspects.
The Firm provides a 360° assistance to interesting entrepreneurial activities.

The Firm provides legal assistance throughout all the project finance operations phases, both with respect to public and to private projects, providing assistance in all the strategic development features of the operations.
The assistance in the drafting of the promoter’s proposal is one of the strongest expertise of the working group which deals with public contracts.

The Firm provides legal assistance to publicly and semi-publicly owned enterprises on topics of relevance in the public law field and in contractual and corporate law.
Currently, the Firm is assisting public owned companies operating in water, gas, transport, environment, IT services and public infrastructure sectors.

In Court Activities

The Firm provides assistance, in front of the Court of Auditors, both in the pre-trial phase and in the trial phase. It also provides assistance in favour of public subjects or in any case people subjected to the rules of public accounting in the ambit of proceedings aimed at verifying the entities’ activities and the supervision of the financial statements.

The Firm provides legal assistance in favour of public and private subjects before all Administrative Courts in the ambit of all litigations assigned to administrative jurisdiction, merely as examples but not limited to, awarding of public contracts, real estate, town-planning, and environment procedures.

The Firm provides in-court assistance in favour of public and private subjects before all Civil Courts, in particular with regard to contracts, commercial/enterprise fields and competition procedures.

The Firm also provides assistance, directly to parties involved in proceeding or criminal trials, or in favour of the Professionals appointed by those bodies and in charge of assessing or deepening issues that involve public law or that require a knowledge of public law regulations and of the public subjects’ procedures.